India Risk Survey 2017
"Your participation will make a difference"

India Risk Survey 2017
"Your participation will make a difference"

The India Risk Survey (IRS) is rolled out every year and it gives us great pride to conduct the sixth edition of this survey.

IRS is an attempt by FICCI and PINKERTON to recognize possible ‘risk factors’ that affect businesses in India.

The end result of the survey will be shared with you upon release. Your contribution will go a long way in facilitating government departments in formulating regulations and policy enhancements. It will also help people in the corporate sector in making strategic decisions towards mitigation of the identified risks.

Kindly note that this is a professional survey and all data collected during the course of the survey will be kept confidential at all times. This survey is for academic purposes only and both Pinkerton and FICCI do not intend to use the information provided for any commercial purposes.


Established since 1850, Pinkerton is one of the oldest and most experienced corporate risk management firms worldwide. Pinkerton is a trusted risk advisor to most Fortune 500 companies globally and offers a vast selection of reliable risk management services and solutions including Investigations, Protective Services, Crises Management & Emergency Response services, Employment Screening, Security Management & Consulting, Intelligence & Information services, Brand protection and Intellectual property.

FICCI is the voice of India's business and industry. Established in 1927, it is India's oldest and largest apex business organization. It serves its members from the Indian private and public corporate sectors and multinational companies, drawing its strength from diverse regional chambers of commerce and industry across states, reaching out to over 2,50,000 companies.

Instructions for filling the survey form

Please fill in the following form and share with us your concerns related to the prevailing RISK scenario in India.

The various risks identified, are ranked on a scale of 1-12, by leaders, industry experts and general public opinion is sought to capture the prevailing RISK scenario of the country.

The items marked as '*' are mandatory to be filled. However, we request you to fill in all the details as this will help us in conducting a comprehensive study.


Below columns are essential for us to prevent multiple submissions. This will also enable us in sending you a copy of the report. The information provided will be kept confidential at all times.


Your Role in the Organization '*' (Please select any one)


Number of Years of Existence in India '*' (Please select any one)


Type of Industry '*' (Please select any one)


Size of the Company (No. of employees in India) '*' (Please select any one)


Turnover of the Company in India ( Units in INR Crore. 1 Crore = 10 million) '*' (Please select any one)


Your Operational Responsibility for Region '*' (Please select any one)


Your Organization’s Geographical Location '*' (Please select the option basis your business operations)

Threats to be assessed

Rank the different risks listed below according to their applicability to your industry on the scale of 1-12. Here 1 shows the highest and 12 ranks the least. You can choose only one rank at one time. Please read all the risks before providing the rankings

For e.g. if you consider "Strikes, Closures & Unrest" as a high threat, then it can be ranked as '1' and if you rank "Information & Cyber Insecurity" as '2' then "Strikes Closures and Unrest" is a higher threat than "Information & Cyber Insecurity".If you consider "Terrorism & Insurgency" as a moderate threat to the business, then you can rank it as ‘5’ and so on. For more information on the below mentioned risks, kindly refer to Appendix

  Rank (1 -12)
1. Natural Hazards*

(Calamities such as earthquake, floods, cyclones, drought etc)

2. Political Instability*

(Risk that could affect an investment's return as a result of political
changes or instabiity in a country. This instability could stem from a
change in Govt., legislative bodies, other foreign policy changes or
military control)

3. Terrorism & Insurgency*

(Violent attacks involving arms and explosives)

4. Fire*

(Loss of life and property due to fire)

5. Information & Cyber Insecurity*

(Vulnerability of loss of information, cyber-attacks, virus attacks etc.)

6. Crime*

(Including extortion, kidnap, murders, assaults, burglaries, thefts, kidnap etc)

7. Strikes, Closures & Unrest*

(Disruptions to Business and safety issues due to political protests,
labor strikes, civic unrest etc. Also will include risks associated
with the expression of physical or verbal violence against people in

8. Corruption, Bribery & Corporate Frauds*

(Use of unethical business practices to pursue business & internal frauds in
corporate companies)

9. Business Espionage*

(Tendency of competitors to steal information, influence personnel and even sabotage )

10. Threats to Women Safety*

(Risks associated with the safety of women working for the organization.
This includes expression of physical or verbal abuse and/or acts of
violence against women including sexual exploitation)

11. Intellectual Property Theft*

(Loss of intellectual information and availability of counterfeits in the market)

12. Accidents*

(Road traffic accidents, industrial accidents and other such mishaps)


Based on our findings from the previous IRS Survey’s and inputs from the IRS 2017 Steering Committee, the following RISKS have been identified as affecting businesses in India. If you had to rate them on a scale of 1-12 as above, how much would you rate them.

Risk of Non-Compliance*

(Risk emerging from non-compliance of regulatory & statutory laws)

Business Investment Risk*

(Risks arising from inability of public institutions to manage public
affairs & public resources. Lack of support to provide basic infrastructure
to facilitate business processes & requirements and affected ease of
doing business in the country.)

Legal Regulatory Risk*

(Risks arising from archaic laws, policy handicaps that could affect
investments as a result of poor legal structure and archaic processes
to make amendments in the same.)

Please feel free to add any other risk/s, that you perceive may affect your business establishment, over and above the one’s mentioned here.

Other Risks if any
Do you have any other comments, feedback or suggestions?

We sincerely THANK YOU for giving us your valuable time and opinion

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